Siān Elizabeth Evans

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From 1991 to 1994 Siān was apprenticed to coppersmith Sam Fanaroff BEM in his forge at Pevensey, where she learned all aspects of this ancient craft.

In 2004 a QEST Scholarship enabled Siān to return to coppersmithing a decade after her apprenticeship and to consolidate her knowledge by returning to education. After ten years as a full-time parent of four, she enrolled at London Metropolitan University and completed an MA by Project (Metal) in twelve months.

In the same year she built her first workshop and began a small business making one-off pieces of bespoke copperwork and undertaking commissions.

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In 2011 Siān was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and travelled to France, Greece and India researching the origins of coppersmithing.

In 2018 she began a PhD at the University of Sheffield looking at the hidden history of female metalsmiths and in 2019 represented Great Britain in UNESCO’s 1st International Festival of Handicrafters in Uzbekistan.

Coppersmithing forms the bedrock of all Siān’s activities and her passion for this beautiful heritage craft remains at the heart.


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