"Coppersmithing forms the bedrock of all Siān’s activities,

and her passion for this beautiful heritage craft remains at the heart" QEST


Siān’s copperwork marries contemporary elegance with traditional craftsmanship, first learned over thirty years ago during a four year apprenticeship in a Sussex forge.

She makes all her copperwork by hand, bringing mirrors, bowls, boxes and vases to life with fine metal appliqué, rivets and set gemstones.

Siān has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with the natural world, especially geology and palaeontology, and much of her pleasure in smithing comes from interacting with metal and minerals.

Coppersmithing is, for Siān, where the sweet spot between physics and art lies.

Siān is proud to be both a QEST Scholar and a Churchill Fellow. She is currently studying for a PhD in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, bringing to light the hidden history of female metalsmiths.

New Work

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